Вести.net: virtual sports replace the real

Virtual sports came to the aid of the real. I would like to believe temporarily. At least two of the most popular kinds of sports: racing and football are experimenting with the game broadcasts, which are collected at the screens of several hundred thousand spectators. The fact that almost all countries of the cancelled major sporting events. In the end, athletes and fans are trapped at home without the ability to do their job or to support your favorite star. Several teams from various sports leagues and Formula 1 and Nascar and American racing Spanish Primera decided to entertain fans online.

Perhaps one of the most impressive results from “Formulas-1”. Because of the quarantine was canceled starting race of the season, “Grand Prix of Australia”, but that day has not passed in vain, once the two teams organized a virtual Grand Prix of Australia. In each was one pilot of this formula. One Max Verstappen, who plays for Red Bull in second, McLaren – Lando Norris, and when Norris is basically a company made up of different players, “utuber” and in General people are not too suitable for the description of professional drivers that Verstappen was just competing with other pilots from different Championships, from the same Nascar and the world rally championship.

In the end, the stream involving Verstappen on YouTube has garnered over half a million hits, with the participation of the Norris – more than 200,000. Interestingly, virtual races both real formula didn’t win. One came in seventh, other eighth. However, the riders themselves believe that in the case of the racing virtual sports are in some sense correlated with the real, in the sense that much depends on the skill of the player in real life. Here and close to reality controllers, steering wheel, pedals, gear stick and realistic physics behavior of the car on the track. With the same football, which in reality is more important than physical training and body control, and simulation of the controller a pair of buttons – all the more difficult.

But in the absence of real Ctions and online football also collects a good audience. 60,000 people live watching the match two players of the opposing Spanish clubs: Borja Iglesias from the “real Betis” and Sergio Region from Sevilla. They fought, instead of the actual match scheduled for this date. A small club from the fourth British division and even decided to announce its own online championship. And gaining players from around the world. And in General who in what is ready, and now all are waiting for the intervention of these sports federations.

“Yandex” has launched an unusual art project. Opened a virtual gallery of the neural network art. The company posted on the website 4 000 pictures and 1 000 categories: city, nature, people and mood. Each work created a neural network, trained on real paintings and selected for each network: machine a and machine artist-curator. All the names of the paintings begin with the word neuro. Neuronbob or Naroch, but most importantly each user can pick up the original one painting. This means that it will download it in high resolution and all the rest will copy in reduced format with the subject in whose private collection is a masterpiece. And over the weekend, all 4,000 pictures already taken. For example, Pavel Kushelev became the owner of one of such work. But “Yandex” promises another 4,000 pictures to add in this environment.

Text: To.Hi-tech