Вести.net: Uchi.ru preparing to launch virtual classroom

the Russian educational platform to quickly produce new solutions to distance learning students during the quarantine. In particular, the service Uchi.ru preparing to launch a virtual classroom, where through a personal account of the teacher will be able to conduct individual and group online lessons. So, what is a virtual class from the service Uchi.ru – it is an application that allows real-time lessons, lectures or trainings via the Internet.

Actually, it is similar to conventional classrooms. The teacher can, as in the regular classroom to show students additional materials to use the pointer and even leave special notes on the interactive whiteboard – the electronic panel. The teacher controls the access rights to the Board can draw on it yourself or together with the trainees. Usually there is a standard set of drawing tools as in Paint, line, circle, rectangle, test, the download pictures. The information is updated in real time on the computer each of the participants.

Infrastructure Uchi.ru is a classic cloud technology stack and all projects are fully hosted in a public cloud. Is all from independent and isolated projects with API on different virtual cloud. This scheme infrastructure is very convenient, for example, a malfunction at one site will not affect the other. It is easy to automatically expand and collapse projects. Today to online courses and lessons platform appealed to more users. By the way, at the beginning of this year Uchi.ru had more than 4 million active users and is planned to peak at five times this figure.

To cope with the increased traffic, a larger number of servers. The performance of a cloud infrastructure currently, over 400 servers, more than 1000 CPU cores, more than 4 TB of RAM and more than 300 applications support services. Students and teachers, which has since this week moved to distance learning format use other available video services, such as Zoom, Skype, YouTube and platform for webinars. In addition, earlier in the week the company “Yandex” together with the city of Moscow and the Center of excellence promised to build a platform for fully online education. It will include tools for conducting interactive video classes and communication of class with the teacher. And video tutorials from leading instructors in all subjects. At the first stage of “Yandex” will invest in the creation of a platform of more than 200 million rubles, and the launch version of the platform are going to run to March 30.

Promised that in “Yandex.The textbook”, which is now used by teachers from more than 2,000 Russian schools will have tools for remote lessons. As for Russian students, then they opened free access to hundreds of online courses the largest national universities. A large part of the free online courses are available mainly on two platforms. This is a national platform of open education, which several years ago established the eight leading universities of Russia and the international educational platform Coursera. This powerful online resource, which presents a variety of free courses from the world’s best universities. Coursera is working on a web-server Nginx, rented Amazon-web-service. Data stored in Amazon S3, which indexed more than 4 million documents on the website. Monthly database Coursera handles 10 billion requests, and the site serves about 500 TB of traffic.

Text: To.Hi-tech