Вести.net service Coursera has opened universities free access to online courses

Educational platform Coursera opened universities free access to 3 800 online courses due to the coronavirus. Coursera is a project in the field of online education, founded by Stanford University professors. As of December 2019, courses platform help to learn 47 million users worldwide. Opening free access to their courses, the service manual gives the chance to students and students to continue training remotely, despite the quarantine. A free regime will be valid until 31 July, after which it can extend. This will depend on the situation with the epidemic coronavirus. So students have access to several thousands of courses 400 specializations, their University must enroll in the affiliate program Coursera for Campus, and the next few days the platform will hold a series of webinars that will tell you how universities implement learning models.

According to analysts, in the conditions of quarantine because of the epidemic of the coronavirus live theater expects strong growth in audience and revenues. This is still a guess, but according to last year, the online video market in Russia increased by almost half. According to new research, revenues of online video services in Russia at the end of last year reached more than 27 billion roubles. The market grew by 45%. Pay model of providing services is rapidly increasing its share. Already, two-thirds of total revenue, while advertising revenues decreased by 10% compared to last year. Interestingly, among the players grew significantly in the revenue figures online cinemas Ivi, Okko, while the YouTube video third consecutive year of revenue declines.

In General, these three sites are the leaders in revenue in the Russian market. From Ivi – 23%, in Okko – 15% YouTube 11%. In addition, the first measurement of the Russian online video market was a dedicated share of the us player Netflix. She was only 4 percent. And then I wonder, as did the proportion of American service. According to the representative of the Agency in the case Netflix, as the service has no representation in Russia, the researchers studied its share with the help of the survey of viewers of online cinemas and matching numbers with the banks, which makes payments to the American company. Turned out the segment in the 4% by the end of 2019. Service served about 140 thousand subscribers in Russia and earned 1 billion 82 million. Thus, in monetary terms, Netflix has an equal share with such players as “IMDb” and has surpassed many others, including Tvzavr, Rutube, Premier and services “STS Media”.

Text: To.Hi-tech