Вести.net Russian center of flexible electronics has opened in Troitsk

opened In Moscow the Russian centre of flexible electronics. In fact, a factory for the production of semiconductors, but not silicon-based, such as the usual processors, and on plastic substrate. In other words, it is one of the most fashionable now a theme of a folding device with a flexible screen.

If silicon electronics is a very high performance, including due to the incredibly dense arrangement of transistors, same process, which is now in the most modern variations measured in units of nanometers. The numbers are prefer not to call. In other words, a flexible processor for a smartphone is not worth waiting, but the plastic chips are not comparable, cheaper, and the technology of their production allows more different items to put on one substrate at once.

for Example, the RFID tag can be printed in entirety, and not to collect separately the chip, the antenna and the housing. In the end, it costs literally pennies and can be part of the factory packaging and even inexpensive goods. At the factory in Troitsk want to transform the scientific work into an industrial process. The center is able to work out relatively inexpensive industrial technology, or for further transfer on the large Asian scientific-production site, or for the production of small batches.

Boris Galkin, development Director of the Russian center for flexible electronics “Flexible electronics is a new industry, and our clients are usually start-UPS, i.e. companies that bring to market a new product category. They will order hundreds of millions of units of components. They need to order a hundred, thousand, ten thousand in order to test, to collect their focus groups to create their device and then gradually increase the scale. We can put one transistor matrix LCD screens or OLED screens, or for different sensors.”

And once in Troitsk, all the technology for creating specific sample to work, its mass production can be Naladit in China. This approach according to the Creator of the complex will allow you to save money and time.

a few words about what it all meant. If you believe the research Agency DSCC last year, foldable displays sold worldwide only 350 thousand pieces, and in three years they will need 69 million Of which nearly 80% is for smartphones, the rest is for tablets and laptops. And Russia can become one of the world leaders in the field of flexible electronics.

Text: To.Hi-tech