Вести.net: Mail.Ru Group will allocate 1 billion rubles to help the business

Mail.Ru Group will allocate resources to 1 billion rubles to help the business in the current environment. The idea is that large companies will transfer easier, and the measure of support needed. It is not so much about money as it is about resources, a huge it Corporation, are included in the program consider all the main offices and social networks, and service delivery food and taxis, and advertising and structure Mail.Ru right-oriented business.

so, “Classmates” and “Vkontakte” promised to double the budget for advertising in social networks from 2 April to 30 June. That is, the company will be able to Deposit say $ 1000, and to spend two. Additional money on advertising plus to this promise to give restaurants and cafes that have shipping. However, offer will not last long. The “Classmates” one user will be able to double the budget not more than 10,000, in “Vkontakte” not more than 5,000 rubles a week.

Taxi “Citymobil” has promised compensation to all the drivers who contracted coronavirus and was quarantined because of contact with an infected person. The advertising service “Yula” 4 times increased the number of ads that can be placed free of charge, from fifty to 200. This should help small companies and professionals that provide services at home. Delivery Club has promised to reduce the Commission for new restaurants that connect to the platform to support those institutions who are trying to rebuild to work on the go. Aggregators the Commission intends to subsidize the state.

Mail.Ru for business opened until mid-June free access to enterprise messenger. The company promises that with its help it will be easier to bring the company to remote work. In the messenger it is possible to conduct a video conference, moreover, has opened free access to the corporate cloud. A division of Cloud Storage, i.e. cloud solutions, offered grants of up to 100,000 rubles for socially important business and to transfer its infrastructure in the cloud Mail.Ru and assistance in this very move. This implies that if a pharmacy, hospital or lab because of an increase in load refuse accounting systems and the website it is possible to obtain this grant and support from Mail.Ru Group.

Earlier, in March Mail.Ru Group together with the “Yandex” entered the Alliance against COVID-19. Then declared that the new Association will be engaged in operational testing people for the presence of coronavirus. The project will connect the largest Russian clinics and laboratories. And in “Yandex” told us that, too, are developing options for measures to support victims and will talk about them, but later.

However, quarantines are suffering and the biggest corporations, such as Apple prepares to move traditionally, autumn a presentation of its iPhone, with support of networks of the 5th generation. According to the publication Nikkei Asian Review, Apple is now discussing the possibility of moving the event for several months. There are two reasons: the first is the disruption of traditional supply chains, i.e. suspension of dozens of new plants and the second reason is Apple needs to work on-site production and Assembly. It was there that the final optimum is chosen, or some say a popular design from a variety of options. And travel especially overseas does today, and the headquarters of Apple today half empty. All on remote, even within Cupertino. In General, the alarming news if the new iPhone will be delayed, it will again hit the industry since the release of “Apple” smartphones tied thousands of companies and millions of employees.

Text: To.Hi-tech