Вести.net Internet traffic worldwide has increased by 20%

against the background of measures against coronavirus Internet traffic worldwide increased by about 20%. These data were provided by the content provider Cloudflare, one of the largest in the industry. The reason is simple – people around the world are at home and, first, conduct a business meeting via video link, and, secondly, actively consume movies and TV shows. Both video and that great loads on the network. In Italy, in particularly affected by the quarantine areas, traffic could increase by almost half from the normal values. The volume of transferred data increased by 18%, but some users have already started to complain about the communication failure. Weaknesses say two. This is the ultimate Internet providers, mostly small, unprepared for the sudden increase in the load, and of the unavailability of the services themselves, and in an example, even a large company.

mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, which also owns Instagram and WhatsApp said that the background of the increased load his Corporation is trying to make it so that suddenly everything went dead. The problems noted in other services that are increasingly using for remote work. For example, Office 365 from Microsoft or the service for video conferencing Zoom.

as for Russia, then talk about the upcoming holiday week. Reduced employment and the inaccessibility of offline entertainment, bulk discounts, and reset the rates to a variety of services from games and online cinemas to PornHub should experience network strength. However, in talking with our program providers was unanimously quiet. In MTS, for example, stated that the traffic in Moscow has increased by 20% and everything runs smoothly, if the channels are wider. “Beeline” gives similar figures for traffic growth of 20-30% and is also saying that customers do become more frequent and consume more video content, but it’s in the planning was taken into account.

the Structure of Pavel Durov appealed the court’s decision, which banned the transmission of tokens Gram cryptocurrency investors. This was it is known from the document published on court portal, in fact, the text is only the fact of the appeal. It is said that the defendants, two companies and a TON Telegram Group Issuer that does not agree with the decision of the court. The litigation itself lasts Telegram since last year. A lawsuit against the company filed with the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA. She insisted that cryptocurrency Gram is a security, and therefore the issue of its release had for all the rules. By the day before the court the money of the American investors to return, and the attachment of the Americans was considerable, a third of the total collected amount of $1 billion 700 million dollars. Telegram already in touch with investors, but little clarity, the letter is not made. It says that the courts have not yet ended and the project team is doing everything possible to cryptopleura to run.

Text: To.Hi-tech