Вести.net: Huawei introduced a new line of flagship smartphones

Huawei has introduced a new line of flagship smartphones P40, P40 P40 Pro and Pro+, with dual TV Podolinsky, triple and tenfold increase in. Of course, online presentation talked a lot about fotosmoralo smartphones, compared them with iPhone and Samsung and, at least from the stage, all won in all tests. In General, it is necessary to recognize that Huawei really get a very good vorosmarthy, but claimed nowadays of course require verification. A bit mundane household components: phones from Huawei finally got a global rather than a national standard eSim – this means that the electronic SIM cards can be used worldwide. And the second point, they still lack global services due to us sanctions don’t work there branded apps and Google services and to roll these services on their own at the moment seems unrealistic.

as for prices, in Russia Huawei P40 can be bought for 50 000, P40 Pro for 70 000 rubles, but will see whether we have top model P40 Pro+ is unclear. In Europe it will cost 1400 euros and will go on sale April 7. And in Russia, at least from the start, there would be the voice assistant from Huawei. Devoid of the services and the assistant to Google China Corporation logically started to build its own decision making and other Google services. For reviews first tested Celia in functionality it is very similar to early versions of assistants from Google and Apple and focuses, obviously, on Western Europe and supports English, French and Spanish.

“Yandex”, meanwhile, began an emergency delivery of doctors, medicines and commodities. The project called “Help is here” for all health and social services, which are in a difficult situation. “Yandex” has promised that the project allocates 250 million rubles. They will go to pay for drivers. The participation of the drivers in this project is strictly voluntary as to make other orders in this while they can’t. All involved vehicles will be subject to regular disinfection, and the drivers medical examination. It all starts in Moscow and Kazan, a similar proposal is said to have received all the regions of the service “Yandex.Taxi”, “Food” and “Shop”. Today we are talking about emergency medicine. Then company is ready to help with testing for coronavirus at home, if necessary.

Daniel Sulaco, General Director of “Yandex.Taxi”: “We invited the cities to collect a dedicated fleet, which will be able to carry doctors instead of ambulances, thereby greatly expanding their capacity. The second part is related, is that at some point the house needs to come in and do a test for the coronavirus, but it is a bit later. We believe that this will be an available service that will appear on the market.”

What’s interesting, in “Yandex” use the experience of other countries to prepare for different scenarios in Russia. In particular, they analyze the data of the Israeli market, where Yandex is a taxi and anti-virus scenario is more rigid. Limitation, and to carry and deliver anyway. Well, let me remind you that just a day ago Mail.Ru Group has pledged the resources of the Corporation in a billion rubles to help small and medium businesses. And both the it giant entered into an Alliance to combat coronavirus.

Text: To.Hi-tech