Вести.net Apple Store closed everywhere except China

Coronavirus continues to attack it. Apple because of the epidemic until March 27 closed shops in all countries except China. Let me remind you that by such measures the company Steve jobs have done in China, on February 1 of this year, Apple closed the stores in China due to the outbreak of coronavirus, and to March 13, all App Store in the country has resumed. According to the head of the company Tim cook, thus limiting concentrations of people Apple is struggling with the spread of the coronavirus, a new type COVID-2019.

earlier it was reported about new instructions for the App Store in connection with the coronavirus. The shop workers were forbidden to offer visitors to try on watches and headphones. In addition, the company reduced the number of seats in the sales rooms, so people were not too close to each other. Now I closed the offline stores. The online store and the app Store continues to work as specified in the company. In addition, management has transferred employees to remote work.

the Reverse side of the epidemic – have games Fortnite and Call of Duty has significantly increased audience. In Italy, against the closure of schools, shops, restaurants, Internet service providers are reporting a 70% increase of Internet traffic, which falls on online games, in particular Fortnite. Game developer Activision announces that their new sequel to the game Call of Duty Warzone, released in the end of last week attracted a record 15 million people in the first four days. Analysts also noted that approximately doubled the number of viewers of the games on the Twitch video platform.

a Website with adult content Pornhub also reported traffic growth, the European average is 6.6%. Leader in this top is Italy, on the website here go to 14% more often than usual, which is quite explains that Pоrnhub opened to Italians free access to premium subscription until April.

the photo Service Instagram in their own way trying to stop the spread of misinformation about the pandemic coronavirus. Boardsform is starting to show links to information from the world health organization and local ministries of health directly in the news feed of users. Priority mailing will be allocated to the countries most affected by the disease. Also Instagram has blocked the search of the effect of augmented reality related COVID-19 and continues to pursue a policy of active struggle for information about the service, removing hashtags and posts that promote counterfeit drugs or methods to prevent the virus. Similar measures previously used by Apple, Google and Amazon in their online stores and app stores.

Text: To.Hi-tech