Started a vote in the European regional stage of the award. This was reported Sergei Sobyanin on his page in the social network “In contact”.

Moscow stated: “the Best tourist destination in Europe. City” (Europe’s Leading City Destination), “Best direction, festival and event tourism in Europe” (Europe’s Leading Festival & Event Destination) and “the Best tourist destination for exploring cultural heritage in Europe” (Europe’s Leading Heritage Destination). In addition, in the nomination “the Best city state tourist organization in Europe” (Europe’s Leading City Tourist Board) for the prize claims Committee for tourism of Moscow.

the Vote will go on the official website of the award. To participate, you must register.

the Ceremony of awarding the winners of the regional stage of World Travel Awards — will take place in 2020. The Grand final will be held in Moscow.

World Travel Awards: Moscow has won a tourism “Oscar” a portrait of the tourist: who often visits Moscow

In 2019 Moscow for the first time became the winner of World Travel Awards in the category. The Russian capital has bypassed London, new York, Lisbon, Paris, Saint Petersburg, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro and other cities.

while Moscow was nominated for the award: “Best direction, festival and event tourism” (World’s Leading Festival & Event Destination), “the Best destination for sports tourism” (World’s Leading Sports Tourism Destination) and “the Best tourism direction. The city” (World’s Leading City Destination). Also, the capital was declared in two additional nominations: “Best direction in the field of business tourism” (World’s Leading Business Travel Destination) and “the Best cultural destination. The city” (World’s Leading Cultural City Destination).

international award World Travel Awards was established in 1993. It is considered one of in the field of tourism. The award is also called the “travel Oscars”.