the President of The Association of towns and municipalities of Brandenburg, Oliver Hermann, hopes for violations of restrictions in the Corona-crisis on Federal fines-rules. “It would be good if soon the announced Federal regulation enters into force,” said the non-party mayor of the city of Wittenberge (Prignitz), the German press Agency. “I think that the citizens are overall a very great understanding for the limitations and that is very disciplined and with great consideration will be acts of the majority. Certainly, we need to intervene at one point or another.“ He knew of other cities and counties, that the question of a fine catalog site.

Since Monday may be the Brandenburg alone or at most with members from the own household or with another Person at 1.5 meters distance on the road. After the infection protection law may face for violations of the restrictions, fines of up to € 25 000, as well as fines and imprisonment up to five years. The police want to decide on a penalty in a particular case. On Tuesday, North Rhine had adopted-Westphalia penalty rules for violations of measures on Friday Bayern.

The cities of Federal President sees growing problems, when the nightlife restrictions to stay for a long time. “You will not be able to receive over months, but at the moment the measures are urgently necessary in order that the desired effect can occur,” said the mayor. “Any easing should be agreed in addition not in it alone, but uniformly between the Federal government and the States.”

The President of the Association also brought a possible aid for municipalities in the Corona of a crisis in the game. “Many cities and municipalities also financially in a difficult position,” said Hermann. “The industry is going down expensive, the allocations of the Federal government and the country will be extremely reduced. Therefore, it is necessary that a kind of “rescue”, in particular, Liquidity support for cities and municipalities, will be considered.” The Kenya coalition is planning a bailout of up to two billion euros for Brandenburg. The AfD in the Landtag calls to support municipalities with additional funds from the Fund for the future of the country for investment.

The offers of the country for economic assistance to small businesses and Solo-self-employed are included, according to Hermanns evaluation eager. “Now you have to watch if the effect is so large, in order to prevent a mass die-off of stores in the inner cities,” he said. “If we had a crisis thrust would be fatal.”

The mayor of the district of Prignitz turned against the travel ban for tourists in the neighbouring Kreis Ostprignitz-Ruppin. He found large differences between the circuits in such a significant interference in freedom of rights is not well, said Hermann. “Then, when stricter requirements are necessary, then the land unit will please you.” In the circle Ostprignitz-Ruppin since Thursday tourist travel for private reasons is not prohibited, to overwhelm the health care system due to many tourists. Who has a second home and already in the circle, but it can stay.