In wine there is truth, is it is said. And maybe the new love. The idea of Singles and tastings to bring together, came Shirley Amberg (39), the most beautiful wine expert, Switzerland. “To the “normal” tastings, I heard again and again that most of are there to meet new people,” she says. So you reverse the principle. “Since it is on these occasions, always cheerful and relaxed, to and fro, I now Know, in the foreground, and you can learn something about wine. I think it’s a wonderful combination.”

no one needs to check who is still Single

Two of “the Bachelor Battles” has already been carried out, the next is on 29. June in the milk bar in Zurich. “The good thing is that it is clearly declared as a Single occasion. It must, therefore, know no one who is still up.” After the first two have not gone in any case, all alone in a house. The four of us, “some two, a few, too. How many houses you have moved on, I do not know, however,” says the sommelier, laughing.

Singles can be. each other is also nice

drink For their Single-wine-Events, it also takes the science at Hand “Researchers have found that love can make a drunk. The hormone Oxytocin, also called the “cuddle hormone”. The release also provides for greater passion and openness,” says Amberg, who adds: “Also during Sex it is released, therefore, it acts similarly to alcohol.”

your wine seminar can drink Singles simply “beautiful”. Whether you like sober will show up. One way or the other: you Should not be drunk with love, then, perhaps, by the sparkling of champagne.