On the square is Gianluca Korte (29) as a holding midfielder for coach Bernhard Trares (54) is almost indispensable. But the midfielder is due to Corona will not break currently in demand. Therefore, he offers now in the especially for older people, difficult time his fellow help!

Gianluca Korte: From the Ball-distribution to the Corona-helper!

“ready to Live” the solidarity of The club is no alternative! Source: IMAGE 22:27 Min. Share Tweet send via email, via Whatsapp

The midfield man to send explained in BILD: “of Course you tried to help and support people who belong to the risk group.” He has also been: “so Far, I’m not even for the grandparents of my girlfriend’s gone out shopping.”

But he not only thinks of his family. Korte continued: “also, I called my former neighbors, who are older and asked if I can help you or for you to go shopping.”