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It’s going to be a lot of death, unfortunately, ” says Trump at a press conference in the evening.

the Number of infected now exceeds 300,000 in the united STATES, according to the John Hopkins University. The number of dead in the country is more than 8.100, writes news agency AFP.

– This is probably the toughest week, ” says Trump

In the state of New York has smittespredningen gone faster than in Spain and Italy. Yesterday asked president Trump all americans to wear a face mask or scarf when they are out.

I spoke with governor Cuomo. We are working to acquire more equipment to New York as soon as possible, ” says Trump

On today’s press conference used the Trump time to reflect on how fast the virus spreads, and how areas that seemingly have little virus activity suddenly gets hit hard.

It hit you like a mallet, he says, and draws from the state of New Jersey as an example.

In march could the BBC tell that the four members of the same family in New Jersey died of koronaviruset.

TEMPORARY RESTING place: A kjøletrailer parked outside Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York. Many hospitals need to make use of such to save the dead temporarily in anticipation of that begravelsesbyråene can take care of them.

Photo: Angela Weiss / AFP Accuse the media of spreading rumors

once again langet the president out against parts of the media for spreading false news. He says the government is working hard to ensure that as few lives as possible are lost.

It is therefore absolutely necessary that certain media will stop spreading false rumors and create fear, even panic, among the population. I could mentioned names, but it is the same, always the same, ” says Trump.

He claims the confidence of the media now is the lowest it has ever been.

I think they are looking for ratings, I don’t know what they are looking for, but it is so incredibly bad for the country.

During a national crisis, it is important that decision-makers can see through the smoke and confusion to follow the facts and the science, ” he adds.

Claims cooperation with the states goes well

Trump has received criticism for how the government has handled the koronakrisen, but says that the cooperation with the states and hospitals is going well despite what the media writes.

Mustermann live in New Orleans: – It is third world conditions here

– Many hospital administrators we are in contact with, even in the hardest hit areas, says directly to us that the amount of equipment they have covers the essential needs. At the present time they are happy to be where they are, ” says Trump.

He goes on to say that the federal government follow the development on the local level.

– When the local lack of equipment is being reported, we ask the states to immediately meet the demand, ” says Trump.

He adds that the government is in the process of building large stockpiles of equipment around the country to meet the needs when they arise. At the same time he claims some states ask for far more equipment than they need, and that it makes the work more difficult.

– We have one state that asked for 40.000 respiratorer. They’re not going to need as many, ” says Trump.

He also says that they work with to test out the treatment of koronapasienter using existing drugs for other conditions, including Hydroxiklorokin which among other things is used against malaria and lupus. Trump also says that efforts are being made frantically to develop a vaccine.

– But it will come later, maybe about 14, 15 or 16 months, ” he says.

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