If the staggering amounts of aid package is enough, then that will Trump ask Congress for more money, he says.

president of the UNITED states, Donald Trump, will sign a huge economic aid package for u.s. businesses and residents as soon as possible.

said Trump at a press conference on coronavirusset late Wednesday night local time.

The aid package, which is expected to have a total size of up to 2000 billion u.s. dollars, must mitigate the economic consequences of the outbreak of the coronavirus in the UNITED states.

The american politicians in the Senate on Wednesday negotiated the final details of the aid package, after which it is sent on to the House of Representatives.

I call on the House of Representatives to approve this important legislation and send it on to me without delay. I will sign it immediately, ” says Trump.

the House of Representatives is ready to vote on the package as soon as it is forwarded from the Senate, says Nancy Pelosi, the democratic leader of the House of Representatives. However, with less than a days notice.

According to the UNITED states’s finance minister, Steven Mnuchin, expected the aid package to be finally approved on Wednesday evening local time.

He estimates that the package will sustain the u.s. economy in about three months.

And shows the staggering amount out not to be enough, so will Trump not hesitate to return to Congress to get more money, ” says Trump.

At the press conference to designate the Trump New York as the biggest problem in the country’s coronakrise.

New York is the united states, which so far has seen the most infected and the most deaths as a result of coronavirus in the UNITED states.

– please know that I do everything in my power to help the city through this challenge, ” says Trump.

IN the UNITED states is that overall, recorded over 64.700 infected persons. This is the result of 30.800 in the state of New York – and more than 17.800 of them located in the metropolis of New York City.

It is reported, New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, earlier on Wednesday.

– Our population density makes us vulnerable, it sounded from the governor.