The global number of deaths has exceeded 60,000, whereas the UNITED states has the most smittetilfælde of all countries.

The us president, Donald Trump, warning of a drastic increase in deaths related to coronaviruses the coming days.

at the same time, the total number of coronadødsfald globally exceeded 60.000.

It shows a statement from the Johns Hopkins University, on the daily update numbers on the basis of coronasituationen in the whole world.

Donald Trump said at a news conference late Saturday night local time that the americans go into one of the toughest weeks with “many fatalities”.

– This will probably be the toughest week. There will be much death, says Trump at the press conference.

at the same time, he says, that the UNITED states can not remain closed.

– Mitigation is working, but again, we can’t destroy our country. I’ve said it from the beginning – the cure must not be worse than the problem, ” says Trump.

Billions of people across the world live under one form or another for the shutdown.

About half of the world’s population is limited to the home, also when it comes to work and school.

Businesses are closed, providing a huge cost to the global economy.

IN the UNITED states are over 8000 coronapatienter dead, shows a statement from Johns Hopkins University.

More than 300,000 persons in the UNITED states has been tested positive for the coronavirus. Which is about 14,000 declared healthy again. It is estimated, however, with a large mørketal.

the UNITED states is the country in the world with the most smittetilfælde, while Italy has registered the most deaths, with over 15,000 deaths.

Particularly hard hit is the state of New York, with about 2200 deaths, of which most in New York City.

According to a forecast from The White House, it is estimated that the pandemic could cost between 100,000 and 200,000 americans life.