the US President Donald trump said that his likely rival for the Democratic nomination in the upcoming presidential elections Joe Biden missing positive qualities. About this American leader said in the program Full Measure News.

trump was asked to name the strongest quality of Biden as a political competitor. In response, the White house said that would call the experience, but “in fact he has no experience.” He also said that Biden will never be perceived as an intelligent man.

On the question of the weak qualities of a Democrat, the American leader responded that “he had a lot of them”. “I can talk about his weak qualities all day,” added trump.

on 13 may it was reported that at the moment, Biden is ahead of trump in the election race. It was noted that the former Vice President supports 51 percent of registered voters, while 46 percent prefer the current leader of the United States.

the U.S. presidential Elections scheduled for 3 November. Presumably, the Republican party will be elected, the incumbent President Donald trump, the Democrats will support Joe Biden.