The American leader Donald trump believes that the former Vice-President of the United States Joseph Biden, who is his most probable opponent in the upcoming November presidential election, a very bad memory and there are no positive qualities.

In an interview with reporter Cheryl Atkisson, a fragment of which is published on Saturday in her Twitter, the question about what Biden has advantages, trump replied:

"I’d say it’s an experience. But in fact he has no experience, because I think he doesn’t remember what you did yesterday. What can be learned?" On the approval of trump, Biden, "never thought of a clever man". "weaknesses [Biden] I can talk all day," he added.

National Convention of the U.S. Democratic party, on which Biden is expected to call a candidate for the highest office in the country, was postponed due to the pandemic of the novel coronavirus on 17-20 August. It will be held in Milwaukee (Wisconsin). According to estimates of The New York Times, Biden has already enlisted the support 1 550 delegates to the national Convention. To become a candidate in the first round of voting at the Convention, the applicant needs to enlist the support 1 991 delegate.

Trump has already received a sufficient number of votes of the delegates to the party Congress for the nomination of the Republican candidate in the presidential election. The Congress will be held August 24-27 in Charlotte (North Carolina). 59th U.S. presidential election is scheduled for November 3.