the Russians are not yet ready to return to travel.

In Russia is gradually reviving the tourism industry: in June, the resorts will be able to host. But nearly half of potential visitors cautiously looks to the future to go on vacation. Two thirds of Russians in the next six months are going to avoid travelling to foreign resorts. “Kommersant” has found out where you hope to go tourists.

this year abroad on holiday expect to go 38% of Russians, 41% — not ready yet. Russia ready to travel 48%, and 28% not ready for this vacation. It follows from the results of a survey conducted by international research company YES Group on request “b”.

65% of respondents believe that travel around the country may be not later than the end of August. 79% believe that travelling abroad will be possible only in late 2020 or after spring 2021.

These data correlate with the results of a survey conducted by Ipsos. They imply that 68.2% of Russians will not go abroad for six months after completion of the quarantine restrictions. Ready to resume foreign travel were 19,6% of respondents. However, in Moscow the potential of foreign tourists slightly more than in other cities of Russia to go to other countries ready 21% of the capital.

to Resume the trip to Russia refused within six months after the lifting of restrictions for 49.3% of respondents Ipsos. Want to go to such a trip of 35.7%. In this case, the indicators Moscow and the regions do not differ.

survey Data are confirmed by the system of search and booking of tickets. According to estimates Aviasales, 96% of the may ticket sales accounted for domestic flights. Among the external areas that remain in demand, the neighboring countries, including Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Belarus.

due to the fact that the Minsk continue you can fly to European cities, the most popular carrier was “Belavia”.

this trip in June, suggesting 60.5% of users who bought tickets, April-may. Customers plan to go, not only in the post-Soviet countries, but in Bulgaria, UK, Greece, Israel, Spain, Italy, China, South Korea, the Netherlands, USA and Turkey. Director of marketing at OneTwoTrip Alexey Teplov adds that some travelers buy the tickets in Thailand, USA and the Maldives to fall-winter period next year.

while Many flights are made not for tourism purposes. According to the calculations Biletix, only 18% of bookings now involve a trip round-trip remaining purchased in one end.

the fact that the Russians rather travel inside pageAna, talk, and data search queries. According to Aviasales, 75% of their number in may were in the Russian direction. In January-February, the same indicator was 51%.

“People take trips to Russia as a more real”, — agrees the representative of the Igor Blinov. It is estimated 75% of potential customers now ask questions about possible trips to Russia.

Despite the fact that formally the tourist season in the country starts in June, most travelers, according to Blinov, will still focus on the end of July and August. This time, when the period of delivery EGE.

to revive the industry of domestic tourism, a potentially attractive tourist places in Russia must quickly modernize existing infrastructure to the required measures for the health and safety and modern comfort, according to the founder of the firm Basis of Ivan Okhapkin.

the EU already preparing the infrastructure to receive tourists in a new environment. The authorities of some States announced support for the tourist industry, whose share amounts to 10% of the GDP of these countries. For example, in Turkey in the hope of attracting tourists to the country and to recover the $35-billion leisure industry coronavirus after a crisis has launched a certification program “Healthy tourism”.

Many tour operators are selling tours abroad. In Tez Tour indicate that the majority of bookings are made on the second half of summer.

Now scheduled and Charter air transportation with foreign countries is officially discontinued, but business aviation continues to carry out flights. It is not considered by transport for common use, explains managing partner of the Moscow office Pen & Paper Anton for Us.

According to them, many are now engaged in the organization of a small flight in the plane 10-15 people, versus the usual 2-3.

“This allows to reduce the cost of flights up to €2,5−4,5 thousand., but most travellers have a residence permit in the European Union or a second passport,” — explains interlocutor “Kommersant”. Although, according to him, flights from Russia to the USA now in fact off the regular tourist visas.

partner of the law company NAFCO Paul Eckert draws attention to the fact that vehicular and pedestrian Russian border is also closed to cross for the majority of Russians March by government decree. But Imanov sure that the restrictions are not strictly. “From social networks aware of many cases of the smooth penetration of the Russians in Belarus by private cars,” he explains.

Head of “Tickets” Olga Epikhina believes that resuming flights after restoration of the flow��abroad, most likely, will not be quick. “Part of Russians are ready immediately after the removal of quarantine to go abroad, but before them there will be a number of obvious difficulties associated gradual and partial opening of borders, reduction of income and the growth rate of the Euro,” says she.

Epikhina adds that at the same time, travellers may receive the the fear of getting sick abroad and concerns about the requirements of certificates. The cost of travel will become really an important issue.

But the particular scenario here is to not count: the experts expect that prices will simply follow the demand.

“many carriers have a variety of discount programs and promotions, but following a renewed interest in travel will begin to increase prices,” explains Epikhina.

Alexandra Mertsalova, Khalil Amine