From 1 June in some regions of the Russian Federation, including Moscow, the wearing of masks remains a mandatory condition of being in public places. So, the side effects already named Maska — can disturb many of us. “Kommersant Style” understands why because of the mask on the face appear inflammation and how to get rid of them.Medical tinav 2003 during the SARS outbreak in Singapore, The National Skin Centre conducted a study, a survey of 307 healthcare workers. Among those who wore N95 respirators for eight hours a day, 59.6% of the reported exacerbation of acne, 51,4% complained of itching, at 35.8% of rash. While the doctors who wore disposable masks, no skin reactions were not. Again the first victims have become medical professionals, which is carried out in PPE for 12 or more consecutive hours. But now the consequences of the mandatory mask of the regime has affected everyone, regardless of age, gender and nationality and kind of protective mask.”Maska (mask + acne.— “Kommersant Style”) is acne caused by friction or pressure of the mask (on the skin). You can see them in the areas covered by the mask, and where the mask touches the face,” explains Nazanin of Saadi, a dermatologist from the American medical Thomas Jefferson University. And although the problem appeared much earlier, the exact date of birth of term maskne: according to Google Trends, the search engines began to look for March 29. The response of the cosmetics manufacturers was immediate. The first brands, who have already seen this — then still nameless — phenomenon. Alicia young, CEO of the online store Peach & Lily, and the Korean brand, says: “We are the brand K-beauty, Korea, people began wearing masks long before the coronavirus. Although the term “Maska” there was not used”. Taking the opportunity, young even created the “Maskne Essentials”, which included nearly two dozen anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients. A brand MedZone specializing in cosmetics for athletes, in late may issued a balm Face Balm For Masks especially for the lower face. Not surprising, because prior to a pandemic with this form of acne faced not only the doctors and the people of South Korea and Japan, but also fencers, bobsledders and other athletes that need to wear a helmet or a mask. Reaccepted protective mask, which should protect us, causing trouble to the skin, we asked Christina Farberova. Beauty expert and author of the telegram channel about skin care, “Chris print” and CEO of beauty brand Openface cited several reasons: “Under the mask occurs hot and moist environment, which promotes active growth of bacteria on the skin. The friction of the mask on the skin can also cause inflammation, they are particularly susceptible to skin under the upper part of the mask (where is located the locking p��gloss, which should be pressed to the nose and cheeks for a snug fit)”. Photo: Getty Maderak it will look like Maska, depends on the individual: some will appear red painful bumps, others with small whiteheads, and others “get off” irritation in this area. Here’s what you need to do, so none of this happened:Irina Novik