“the calm before the storm.”

How to describe Thomas Olesen the best of all the atmosphere, which right now is spreading among the american people.

For while our corona-binoculars are aimed at especially Italy and Spain, predict several experts, that in the UNITED states can experience the unprecedented kaostilstande and death toll of up to one million americans.

And Thomas Olesen live just there, where it looks allersortest out in the UNITED states.

In the northern part of Manhattan in New York living the dane namely, with his mexican wife and their two children, and it is precisely in the state of New York, that is clearly the most infected people in the U.S. with no less than 33.066 smittetilfælde out of the total number of 68.508.

“I saw pictures from midtown the other day, and it looks like something from a movie. Everything is closed down,” says Thomas Olesen, who works in a big media company in the city.

But how much can you make, that you live in a country that is already hit hard by the coronavirussen, and which is to be pandemic’s new epicenter?

There are two different answers to the question, stresses Thomas.

For the feeling he gets when he goes for a walk on the street, and then there is the feeling he gets when he speaks with his american friends.

“It hasn’t hit as much here, where we live, even if it is in New York. There are still fine with the stores that are open, and then of course, there are supermarkets, pharmacies, spritforretninger and doctors are still running. And you look good with people on the street,” says Thomas.

However, when Thomas seizes the bone and talking to his friends and acquaintances, then the nervousness and fear is omnipresent.

“We’re sitting and waiting for the coming blast. It is a dommedagsstemning, where we are just waiting for the frames, so people are nervous,” he says.

And it is a significant development, if we just screws time a few weeks back.

Here the americans could namely sit by and watch their president, Donald Trump, call coronavirussen for a ‘bluffnummer’ from the Democrats and the generally something you should take seriously.

“most people thought it was very exaggerated with the virus, and that it just had to pat the horse. But now we have been able to keep up with developments in Italy and Spain, and therefore, people are starting to realise that it is definitely not something that we want in the door here,” says Thomas Olesen.

And in the process is trust in the Trump also declined further, brands Thomas, when he speaks with people, and communicate on the social media.

“most people think he is a joke, and now it turns out, so also that he can not do anything. He is a clown in a circus here and have not understood the importance of the situation. Therefore, the people are simply just starting to look away from him, when it comes to corona. He’s not coming with something constructive,” says Thomas.

instead, keep the americans together in their families and pray that the situation does not get out of control, and that they will not be affected by the virus.

to be hit by coronavirussen in the UNITED states can have a number of other consequences, than if you get hit here at home.

Health is there as a starting point, no difference, but both the lack of sick pay and health insurance does, many americans will have to take the sick to work to get money and/or can’t pay for a treatment of coronavirussen.

we are Taking the first, it will mean that the coronavirus-affected persons potentially will ignore the symptoms and still take to work, where they can infect their colleagues.

And we take it last, does it mean, then, that the sick americans must drop to get treatment at the hospital and instead hope that their body can fight the global virus.

“I know of many who have already lost their work, and it makes people really bad. If I and my wife missed work in the morning so we would not be able to afford to live here, and so we had to move down to her grandmother, for example. And it is not everyone who has the opportunity,” he says.

the Number of infected people rises exponentially in the UNITED states these days, and just from Wednesday to Thursday was identified more than 15,000 new cases.