In April, for the first time in the history of the Russian automotive industry sales of vehicles fell immediately to 72.4% and, according to the Association of European businesses (AEB). In this case, and in may, the AEB are not expecting a significant increase in sales, despite the fact that quarantine measures in the Russian regions will be gradually removed. Of the most popular brands are the worst performers were Chevrolet and Ford (drop almost 100%), the best — Nissan (down 59%). AVTOVAZ sales fell slightly less than the market as a whole— 71%.Sales of passenger cars and LCVs in Russia in April fell by 72.4%, and to 102.1 thousand cars, said the AEB (.pdf). For Jan—APR realization decreased by 19.1% to 415,1 thousand cars.In March amid the ruble devaluation and expectations of rising prices for cars, their sales increased by 4% to 162,3 thousand cars. “After exceptionally strong sales in March in April in connection with the situation around COVID-19 dealer companies were forced to suspend or significantly curtail their activities,”— said the head of the Committee of automobile manufacturers Association Thomas Starzel.”Black April” 2020 has a significant effect on the liquidity of the dealers, and in the medium term — even on their resilience, he notes, and “to the new reality to stay near to customers, we all need to try new creative formats of communication and sales”.Despite the fact that the dealers are preparing to restart work on the background of easing of the quarantine measures, the AEB does not expect any significant sales growth in may. We will remind that Vladimir Putin announced the withdrawal on may 12, the Russian mode of working days, however, the regions will gradually remove the restrictions, and depending on the situation.The Russian market began to recover in 2017, after years of falling since March 2013. But in 2019, the situation has changed dramatically, and according to the results of sales of passenger cars and LCV fell by 2.3%, to 1.76 million units. The AEB in the early 2020 expected market decline by 2.1% to 1.72 million units for the year, but the forecast was not revised during the crisis due to the coronavirus. As wrote “Kommersant”, in the industry expect a decline in sales for the year by 20-50%.From almost 100% down sale Chevrolet (nine cars) and passenger Ford, which in April 2019 has announced his departure from the Russian Federation (seven cars).Sales of the bestseller of the Russian market of AVTOVAZ in April was at the level of the market, falling 71%, to 9.4 thousand. Slightly worse is the situation the leader among foreign cars Kia — fall 78%, to 4.3 million units, and Renault (down 75%, to 3,1 thousand cars). 68% down sale Volkswagen (3.1 thousand cars), Skoda — on 59%, to 3 million units, Toyota — 70%, up to 2.8 thousand. Sales of Hyundai fell by 84%, to 2.4 thousand pieces, and the brand fell from third spot to seventh in the top 10 market leaders. Nissan declined by 59%, to 1 thousand cars. Gas sales fell by 58% to 2.3 million units, Oise — 75%, to 862 units.Olha Nikitinka expected to “Kommersant”, the government has not offered direct budgetary infusions into the auto industry. Increase the procurement of an ambulance, will be moved this year, orders for cars for the interior Ministry and the military in future periods. Also expand the program of preferential leasing and car loans, which should support demand. An additional source of orders may be the program of modernization of urban transport. To support the working capital of auto companies are called concessional loans, and reduce the load — the deferred payment of car recycling fee in the budget.Read more