The prototype COVID-19 could be made in the USA

the Prototype COVID-19 could be created in the United States five years ago. Information about this increasingly distributed on the Internet. The link goes to the study, researchers from the University of North Carolina.

Experts recommend not to make hasty conclusions. However, the story of us study raises many questions. Scientific work was published in the journal Nature in November 2015. The authors of 15 researchers, most of them worked at the University of North Carolina at chapel hill. They experimented with creating a hybrid coronavirus of bat that live in China.

Scientists have bred surface protein SHC-014 with the SARS virus, which took from the lungs of bats. The result is a chimeric virus mutant that was able to develop in the human body cells. The researchers came to the conclusion that the coronaviruses of bats, capable of directly infecting people, may be more frequent than previously thought. Notably, where scientists took cell samples.

SARS of natural origin, as well as adapted to mice of the SARS virus and a chimeric virus is cultured on cells derived from the medical research Institute of infectious diseases U.S. army grown in a modified environment. Human lungs for crops were purchased within the framework approved by the Council on institutional review of protocols the University of North Carolina in chapel hill.

it is Curious that the study took place on the background of the U.S. announced in 2014, the moratorium on experiments with viruses. But since the experiments started even before the ban, they are, individually, allowed to complete. Already at the time of publication of the results of the study raised many questions from colleagues — primarily because of their high risk.

“Researchers have created a new virus that grows well in human cells. But if this virus breaks loose, no one can predict the trajectory of its developedIya,” says a virologist at the Pasteur Institute (Paris) Simon Wain-Hobson.

Another important detail — in 2017, a moratorium on funding such research was cancelled. Scientists from the University of North Carolina believed they were acting in good. They warned the world of impending mortal danger — the possibility of the emergence of a new, even more deadly virus. But forewarned is forearmed. However, the appearance of СOVID-19 mankind was not ready. In the journal Nature urged not to impose responsibility on American virologists.

“We know that this story is used as the basis of untested theories about the creation of a new coronavirus that causes COVID-19. There is no evidence that this is true. Scientists believe that the animal is the most likely source of the coronavirus.

Russian scientists with whom we were able to discuss the work of the University of North Carolina, also tend to see the emergence of СOVID-19 now, the element of chance.

“These findings are proof that in nature this happens. And just a question of the collision accident resulting from a bat variant of the coronavirus, which has a receptor for a human, and the man himself, is a matter of time was. Here it was the same in 2020,” — said the virologist, senior research fellow Institute of fundamental and clinical immunology SB RAMS, Alexander Chepurnov.

the Fact that the coronaviruses of bats ability to change and adapt to new conditions, and confirmed an earlier flash. For example, in 2016-2017 coronavirus SADS killed hundreds of thousands of pigs in Guangdong province in China. The researchers then confirmed the origin of infection from podkovonos bats. Man the variant of the virus, fortunately, was not transferred.

Text: Meteotest