Tribune. We want a place for democratic devolved to the freedom of the press can finally see the light of day in the heart of the French capital. This is why we support the project of a “Home of the “free media”, a candidate in the competition to Reinvent Paris 2 Paris town Hall, to acquire and rehabilitate – through the ad hoc structure “The Transformer” – a highly symbolic building, “”Nation 1” located in the Eleventh arrondissement of Paris.

This would be both a public place of meeting and exchange, exposure and training around journalism, and a place professional, offering local media the united states for the defence of the independence and freedom of information. The great diversity of the promoters of this project, guaranteeing pluralism, as well as their commitment to make this place a space for debate and reflection, experimentation, promotion of new forms of production and dissemination of information, open to all the public and accessible to all the media who want it.

The right to know and the freedom to say are two fundamental principles of true democracy, strong and alive. The right to information, the right to free expression and free criticism, as well as the diversity of opinion is a fundamental freedom of every human being. Without free information on the reality, which is ambitious in its means, and pluralistic in its purpose, it cannot be genuine democratic deliberation. Refusing the privileges of birth, diploma, or wealth, origin or gender, a democracy in the true, assumes that all are equally informed to be free in their choices and independent in their decisions.

Paris, a symbolic city

It is in Paris that was stated, by one who would become the first mayor of the French capital, the definition the most radical of the freedom of information as a fundamental right : “The advertising of the…