the Principle Seating of spectators in the theatres of the Ministry of culture will decide in conjunction with the CPS in late summer. About it the press service of the Ministry informed the media. The news officially commented on the state Secretary – Deputy Minister of culture Alla Manilova:

“we Must be realistic and understand that the choice today is not between full and partial room and between part-time room and private theater. In any country, the theatres open on the last phase of the removal of restrictions. We hope that in September this phase will finally come. Then the theater legitimately able to afford a Seating arrangement that won’t kill the live energy of theater, not its economy.

What? Not exactly a distance of two meters to the left, right, front and rear, in which in the hall on 500 places will fit 75 people. It’s worse than nothing.

Then what’s the distance, which drawing the Seating chart? Because the new safety standards for years to come.

that’s what we need to calculate in advance, to test all the options. Based on the experience of our foreign colleagues, who a little before we started this path and use including “staggered” Seating arrangement. And we discussed it for a few weeks in the daily (not figuratively, actually) contacts with heads of theatres. Today, we have no decisions, not agreed with the industry.

in the Summer, in late July – early August we will submit for approval to the CPS the type of Seating and other conditions of health security, which deems the best theatrical community.”

this, of course, there is the question – how to form method of Seating the audience in the cinemas when they open, so people feel safe going to the movies. And at what distance from each other visitors will be able to be in museums.

But one thing deserves attention – as well as on stage, actors can interact with each other? What is the distance? So the Ministry of culture, like many other organizations, the need to address a lot of questions before opening the public companies.