Willi Ritschard showed me the meeting room of the Federal Council. As I wanted to be, back he held me. I was only allowed to look into it. “But you’re elected by the Parliament, as our employee”, said I. “Then the Parliament would be our boss,” said Ritschard. “That would please you. All of them are with your Department head.” – “Not the Federal President?” – “No, that is the only on-demand for a year.”

The Federal Council has its own peculiarities. The Directorate of the President of the national Bank is the only guest who is allowed to be at a meeting. Only once in a year.

Tedious individual conversations

Secretary of state Franz Blankart was three years chief negotiator with the EU. For the EEA agreement of 1992. Specifically, it investigated the access of Switzerland to the EU internal market.

Blankart has guided the Federal Council on the status of the negotiations. He also got the new instructions. He was invited to because never to. Blankart informed the ladies and gentlemen of the Federal Council regularly and in person in a single conversation. A laborious System.

This practice is simply “impossible,” ranted the FDP Council of States Ernst Rüesch from St. Gallen. He will handle differently as a member of the cantonal government. And mentioned me as an example, the education reform. Not have presented in the body, but he. The competent woman is much better qualified. After there were no more questions, he turned on himself in the debate. In order to explain the political Dimension of the template.

We’re not students!

The question arises, whether the Federal Council is still working so complicated. I don’t know anything else. Unless there had been a concealing rethink.

Moritz Leuenberger got, however, to feel the ancient practice. He wanted to invite as Minister of the environment, climate expert and Professor Thomas Stocker of the quorum. They are not students any more, rejected the majority. Happened in 2003.

“The System is sick, but it works great”, ranting and raving, the scoffers by the service, the CVP national councillor Paul iron ring. Why flap nevertheless, all good, have, he, as a devout Catholic intus: In the Federal house of divine Providence serve.

Helmut Hubacher (93) was from 1975 to 1990, President of the SP Switzerland. He writes every second Wednesday of the VIEW.