Who is watching from afar, sees sometimes more. This also applies to the policy. An example of the view from the mainland to Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister. In the UK, he presents himself as the man of the hour. On the European stage, he falls helpless.

The British, Johnson promised a swift and exhilarating exit from the European Union, be it with or without a contract – freedom for the Kingdom! Now, the Chairman of the Conservative party is looking for the way out of a promise, he can’t redeem.

Boris Johnson is no fool. He is just a Populist who has become tangled up in the contradictions of his resounding slogans. From the distance, the populist is tables Politicize such as in the Textbook -study.

Each Populist is motivated by a Central goal. In Johnson’s case, it is: get Out of the EU. All Thinking and Talking of this desire is subordinate to the Vision seems to be consistent with reality. The real reality, but neither creators-will nor by the will to Power conquer. It remains complex. According to the political Action for populists is the same complicated as for all the real politicians.

What trouble is for the British Brexit-is valid for the Swiss framework agreement with the EU. Here, too, the populist collides tables refusal of a Treaty head – on not to mention
brutal – with a complex and therefore complicated reality. Here, too, bombastic sounds in their own country, which viewed from the outside perplexed, helpless, senseless acts.

The world of populism is one of the world as will and idea, which is brought into position against the real world. Each Populist, and with him, sometimes to their own country to fail sooner or later on the reality. Populists are impostors.

In great Britain is listed, this negligent game just live. Together with its fatal consequences.

From the distance can in this case also the profile of the populist Director and the main performer’s precise identify. Boris Johnson sees himself as a Savior in historically dramatic time – as a resurrected Churchill. About the British, Yes the world century of history, character, Johnson has written an exciting-to-read biography. The plant also is his self-portrait: just like Churchill Nazi Germany, defeated, will Johnson forcing the European Union to its knees.

The EU as a threat as once the Nazi regime? Johnson is still in your mind?

Also, Christoph Blocher presents himself as a heroic Savior from the European Union – as Churchill of the confederates. He admired his historical model, he reflects and sees himself in him. In a speech on the British war-time Premier, he had the identification with his Idol run free. The Geneva newspaper “Le Temps” wrote: “Christoph Blocher holds for Churchill.”

populist leaders love the monumental appearance, the act of self-empowerment, the mass-free to claim, in the sole name of the people: I and the people!

If you must rule, you fail.

Boris Johnson performs well this just. The reality of the ordinary of the democratic world refuses the desperate Simplifier.

His Swiss counterpart, has the Failure already behind him: In four years, as the Federal Council, he accomplished nothing that anyone else could remember, and lost his office.

The Savior redeemed, by the reality.

Boris Johnson may hope.

On the 23. June 2016 on prisoner 51.9 per cent of the British withdrawal from the EU. Since then, the government desperately tries to control the exit from the EU. In addition to tensions between the EU and the UK, the MPs with the search for a Compromise seem to have a hard time. Seemingly every day there are new initiatives, reviews and negotiations. You can keep track of the Brexit-the Chaos with the news Ticker from view.ch.