out of the continuing epidemic COVID-19, as the possible onset of the “second wave”, largely depend on how long will the immunity generated in recover, says Alexander Ginzburg.

“the brunt of further developments in the area of coronavirus infection depends on the duration of immunity, which is formed by the people who have had the disease. And also depends on in what direction will the evolution of the virus – said the academician. But yet to answer these questions we can’t. Can’t likely predict the variability of the virus and its interaction with the body’s “master”. You have two options: either as influenza virus, coronavirus will be a seasonal infection, in that case every year will need new vaccine strains to protect against new variations of the virus. The second option – if the virus will change as it occurs, for example, measles, which remained unchanged throughout the history of mankind. Measles vaccination is included in netcalendar, and if the vaccination was carried out at the right time and properly, there is lifelong immunity”.

Because the virus SARS-CoV-2 new, it became known about it only six months ago, and the genome was decoded in January, scientists are studying how it will behave in the human population in the future, and what will be the duration of the immune response in case of disease or after vaccination.

“to Set the duration of the immune response is one of the goals of the ongoing research today. The answer to this question, in particular, depends on the duration of action of the vaccine, and the company with which you will need to re-vaccination,” concluded the scientist.