a week ago, was fired 26 employees at Odense Sport & Event. Now, the company has a little better news.

Odense Sport & Event, the company behind the football club OB, have got a better handle on the economy.

on Thursday the company could present a small surplus at 425.000 dollars before tax in its financial statements for 2019.

For comparison, had OB a deficit of 48,8 million in 2018.

– After many challenging years – and in the midst of a challenging time – I am of course really happy that we are in 2019 end up with a profit.

– It has required hard work for a number of years, and therefore, it is of course gratifying to see that it has been successful, says Enrico Augustinus, the company’s director, in a press release.

the Accounts comes just a week after the company fired 26 employees.

In 2019 is achieved Odense Sport & Event a increased turnover of several different areas. Among other things, there was progress to see besøgstallene at the group’s two hotels.

There was also progress last season with OB, which achieved a ranking in the mesterskabsspillet after a third place in the base game.

Looking a little deeper into the numbers, I am pleased in particular that we have progress on all of our five forretningsben in a year, where at the same time we have implemented a new strategy.

– Thus we have created a good foundation for further growth in the future, although the immediate situation, of course, puts the momentum a little on the break, says the director.

He refers to the outbreak of coronavirus, which has put an end to Danish football and fighting in the premier League for an indefinite time. It costs the company money.

– Unfortunately, we are currently in an extraordinary situation, which can affect our sales on several parameters.

– that is Why I am also now careful to have expectations for this year’s accounts. In turn, I believe that we from 2021 onwards will see a continued positive development, says Enrico Augustinus.

In this season’s OB to find a piece further down in the table in ninth place with 30 points after 24 games.

the inhabitants of funen missing to play two matches in the base game and can not achieve that end in mesterskabsspillet.