The cashless world attracts young people to go into debt massively. Whether it’s for clothes, Games or bonus money you can spend today with a few clicks of almost every screen. And the online shops do everything to help the customer as much money as possible are – keyword-buying on the installment plan. But over-Indebtedness is more than a few fail because you could not resist the temptation.

Instead, our brain plays the company in the hands. So it is easier for a chip to the value of 5 francs to spend as a Five-franc. Because you have more inhibitions to spend money, as a Symbol for a sum of money. If hard currency so cards made of plastic, accounts on Smartphones or game money for video games and Casinos, then it is taken care of. Especially for the Generation that is on the Internet at home, lurking on here the debt trap.

debt is an unfair Problem

More than 20 percent of people under the age of 18 years according to the Federal office for statistics, with at least one bill in arrears. In the case of the 18-24-Year-olds is 38 percent. This includes amounts that you borrow in family and friends to count. And 8 percent of this group will not be able to pay open invoices in spite of a reminder.

in addition, over-Indebtedness is an unfair Problem. Poorer people harder hit. Because people with high income can, with a stopper in the short-term waiver of a financial hole again. At lower incomes, the scope for this balance is often missing.

The parents are partly to blame

The boys are not at fault more often. But there is a factor that favors the Problem among young people: the parents. The guardians are namely in debt already, it can wear the adult child of the consequences. So for example, if the parents are not able to pay the health insurance of the child. Also a problematic relationship between parent and child can lead to over-Indebtedness. Then the child pulls out often, before it can keep financially above water.

What is the best remedy for over-Indebtedness? Know. The effect is now somewhat old-fashioned, but proven by studies in Switzerland and Germany. It comes to the so-called Financial literacy. A wild, but important word. Because, under this concept, important capabilities are grouped together:

abstraction ability: remains money, no matter whether in card form or as a play-money in a video game.Value awareness: be able to Assess what’s a commercially available thing is really worth it. Expected: Consider what it means to make a buying decision for the future.Knowledge: Understand what the all the services related to money, account, and payment of costs.Linked Think: The current life in the context of financial issues and economic concerns see. Many decisions in life have an impact on the wallet. Reflection: The importance of money – for themselves and others – know and questioning. The hard way out of debt

Out of the debt trap find out is hard. Because an over-indebted Person suffers not only because of the financial limitations of the consumer. Above all, it is the psychological pressure, the power to create one. Who displaced this pressure runs the risk of the Problem simply delay and exacerbate it even.

Rather, it is to believe in his own power. And then it means: to lower expenses and increase revenues. Most creditors talk to us. Invoices can often be at Rates of abgestottert. In addition, there are various offers made by the Confederation and the cantons for over-Indebted, such as, for example, the website of debt of the debt advice Bern.

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