Roscomnadzor will monitor the search engines and VPN services

Roskomnadzor announced the launch of a specialized system for monitoring search engines, proxy servers and VPN services. It operates automatically, tracking compliance with requirements for restricting access to resources blocked in Russia.

According to the website of the public procurement, system development cost 19.92 million rubles. The contractor made FITZ “Informatics and management” of wounds. While the system operates in an “experimental operation”.

“the System allows you to quickly in the statutory period inspections search systems and services to bypass locks (virtual private networks, proxy servers, anonymizers different types) to limit access to resources, access to which is limited, on a full list of these resources”, — TASS quoted the press service of Roskomnadzor.

In full mode the new system will work during the year. While in office separately emphasized that it is intended only for observation, but not for locks services, including VPN.

Earlier this week, the newspaper “Kommersant” reported that the Main radio frequency center (GRCC), subordinate to the Roskomnadzor, has commissioned a study on the possibility of locks restricted resources in anonymous networks Tor and Telegram Open Network (blockchain platform, development of which leads a team of Pavel Durov) and Internet of things.

the contract Value is estimated at 9.1 million rubles. It is expected that work will also charge FITS “Informatics and management” of wounds.

Text: To.Hi-tech