As if the mighty Rolls-Royce Cullinan as the king of all luxury off-road cruiser wouldn’t already imposing enough appearance, the special model Black Badge as in the case of the brothers, Ghost, Dawn, Wraith spectacular than ever. For the first time, there is not only a dark look, the touches, the almost unlimited customization options on a Rolls-Royce the crown, but also a performance reference for the 6.8-litre V12 to 600 HP (+29 HP / 441 kW) and monstrous 900 Nm (+50 Nm).

Although the financial are able to draw high-value customers on a giant paint palette of 44,000 shades or your own individual hue, to create, to decide, the majority of the Black Badge pendant for a very special Black. In Goodwood, the English home of Rolls-Royce, to be applied to multiple black layers of lacquer on the body and ten times polished by Hand. The most comprehensive surface finishing processes ever carried out for a solid colour. The result brings an unparalleled depth of color and intensity.

Nothing shines more

All in black chrome, this is the Queen of the night is the famous radiator mascot Spirit of Ecstasy. In addition, R are emblems in silver on Black. Chrome surfaces such as the radiator grill and Wheel handle inserts and tailgate and rear panel, the lower air intake and the exhaust tailpipes are also darkened. In addition there is forged 22-inch alloy wheels.

“Black Badge reflects the desires of a special group of customers of Rolls-Royce again: people who are willing to take risks, to break rules and build rods the success according to its own mass,” says Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös, “this Automobile can exist not only excellent within the famous brand, but they also define a new space within the Super-luxury market. In this sense, the time for the so far most daring and darkest expression of the Black Badge has arrived: the king of the night, the Black Badge Cullinan.”

A Declaration of love to Black

In the luxurious interior there are in addition to the well-known Orgy in leather, the finest carbon surfaces of fibrous tissue, which repeat create geometric shapes in a three-dimensional effect. Each carbon surface is provided with six layers of varnish before it is cured for 72 hours and Hand-polished to a high gloss. This process takes 21 days and is only considered as completed when every part is inspected by a specialist who confirmed a complete uniformity of the Reflection of all 23 parts in the vehicle. Subtly, the interior is illuminated by a total of 1344 fibre-glass lights in the roof.

The dark side of the force Rolls-Royce has, of course, its price. 59’800 Swiss francs put Cullinan customers for the gloomy mood. Thus, the luxury SUV comes as a Black Badge on the 426’400 Swiss francs. Of course, without a Extra-wishes.