Putin: current tests show the demand for social amendments to the Constitution

the Trials faced by the world today acknowledge the relevance of social amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. This was stated by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a meeting with members of the business community, which was broadcast channel “Russia 24”.

“the Situation with trials, through which passes almost the whole world – I mean, including tests related to the necessity of realization of social rights of citizens (…), they are really in demand, – said the head of state. – This became even more obvious.”

the President proposed a number of amendments to the basic law of the Russian Federation signed a decree according to which a nationwide voting on those amendments was to be held April 22, 2020. However, on 25 March the head of state appealed to the citizens and announced that, in connection with the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 the date of the vote will have to reschedule.