Psychologists: social networks will help you get pleasure from sports activities

In the world, a growing number of adherents of a healthy lifestyle. However, many people regularly make time for physical activity, but through force, not getting pleasure from the process. Often this leads to the fact that the workouts are becoming less common. In the end people forgetting about the former motivation, casts a bored class.

Psychologists from the Norwegian University of technology found that in such a situation can help the social network.

They conducted an interesting experiment involving 518 people. Their average age was about 26 years.

the Volunteers were recruited through Facebook and other online channels. They had a different level of physical fitness and exercise regularly, though, and treated the classes differently (a long burned).

First, the participants completed a questionnaire in which he spoke about his motivation and about do workout, fun.

Then volunteers randomly divided into two groups. One had to sign up for Instagram account, where researchers have placed motivational messages every three days for four weeks.

According to psychologists, they sought to encourage volunteers and support them in a good mood. In the posts, for example, a lot of attention was paid to motivation: that every particular person could recognize what exactly he trains, and understand that it fits his needs and desires.

after a month, the participants from both groups continued to train in his usual way. However, people signed on a special Instagram account, reported in the survey that they started to get more positive emotions from exercise.

In the article submitted to the journal Frontiers in Psychology, the authors come to the conclusion that the use of social networking can be a simple and inexpensive solution for people who don’t want to train “under duress” and strive to enjoy the processand.

However, the researchers emphasize: in this case, it is important to choose an account (a community profile athlete, motivator, coach, and so on) with smart content.

So many people say in social networks their stories on “how I achieved the perfect body”, but this is usually only a stream of personal experience. The likelihood that not having a scientific basis tips one person to another will be useful and will not harm a third, very small, experts explain.

it is Better to choose a quality source of information with a wide pool of experts, giving practical advice, and the right motivational messages.

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Text: To.Science