Per day more than 13 thousand Russians evacuated from abroad

“March 27, 106 are made of Charter flights from foreign States to Russia, carried 13 429 Russian citizens,” said the Agency.

Photo: Michael Golenkov / RIA Novosti Russians from Thailand and Indonesia will be in a week

Also pointed out that from countries where, according to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation requires urgent action, March 28, also planned for export flights. So, ready to fly flight Air Azur from La Romana (Dominican Republic), which have pre-registered, 363 guests. To export the airline “Victory” Dubai has registered 189 people on a flight operated by Air Moldova from Chisinau 165 people.

Specifies that only 28 Mar 92 scheduled Charter flight.

the report also lists the flights from other countries planned for the next few days. In particular, on March 29, the flight of “Aeroflot”-“Russia” will have to deliver Russian citizens from Denpasar (Indonesia). It is noted that there is a ticket on the aircraft, designed for 457 seats.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev/ RG the Federal air transport Agency denied reports about a possible restriction of operations in Russia

on 30 March the airline Air Azur will make the flight from Cancun (Mexico), where it is planned to carry 214 the citizens of Russia.

31 Mar possible flight of “Aeroflot from Delhi (India), where they intend to return Home, 204 Russian. It is clarified that at the moment on the flight’s expectedI confirm aviation authorities of India. “Also considering the possibility of organizing a flight from Calcutta, where now, according to the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, is 141 the citizen of Russia”, – stated in the message.

On April 1, the planned export flight “Russia” from Goa (India) and flights of airline “Russia” from Zanzibar (127), Mauritius (139 people) and the Seychelles (157 people).

“In the period March 31 – April 1 possible Air Azur flight on the route Moscow – Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) – Lima (Peru) – Varadero (Cuba) – Moscow (pre-524 people). Expected official approval from aviation authorities of Peru and the possibility of landing in Varadero”, – stated in the message.

Photo: said tsarnaev/RIA Novosti Grozny Airport does not accept passengers without residence registration in Chechnya

Explains that Aeroflot is ready to take passengers from Indonesia four special flights. According to information obtained from the Russian Embassy in this country, in Indonesia now is about 3600 citizens of Russia. “Practice options for their export”, – specify in a press-service of the Federal air transport Agency.

There are also reports that the experts of the Working group formed the schedule of export of the Russian citizens, according to data from the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Further steps will be taken for the organization of flights and permits aviation authorities of several States.