The last question of the memorable talk to the Bayern bosses is addressed to Hasan Salihamidzic. The sports Director is interviewed about the transfer rumor to the Dortmund Jadon Sancho. It was said that Bayern should have been the outstanding play of the young striker once, too bad.

Salihamidzic takes a breath, and don’t want to say that the voice of "image" reported Version of the story, since interrupts him, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and refers to the media lawyer, of Bavaria. "Brazzo", like Salihamidzic at Bayern is called, is not allowed to answer, and stands there like a school-boy, without authority, without appreciation.

No wonder that Lahm refused

A Situation, characteristic for the chief constellation of the FC Bayern. It comes hard on hard, Rummenigge and Hoeness have the last word. And your sporting Director? Only office seems to be completed, have exploited the two already.

The scene is revealed, which is why the Munich-it is estimated that Philip renounced Lame to the end of his career last summer, thanks to the Position of the sports Board of FC Bayern. Lahm said at the time, especially to Uli Hoeneß addressed to: "I think he is still too active to let go of. He wants to influence things."

The Ex-captain of the national team was aware that to him, as long as Rummenigge and Hoeness will retain their Posts, no decision would be granted to violence.

it didn’t make the Bayern bosses at the time, their own powers, and Lame in the leadership of the Association to include, it now turns out, your emotional completely slipped away from a lecture on morality and decency, as a serious mistake. The objective of the double-moral-influenced anger-would have been Lame, seems to be taken place.

Rummenigge and Hoeness dig their own grave

Rummenigge and Hoeness have exemplarily shown that you and the FC Bayern would come the traits of character of Lame to extremely benefit. Vision, strategic assets, rationality, communication skills, and humility – values that way, the Bayern officials a pity to completely miss.

Oh Yes, Philipp Lahm has established a reputation, meanwhile, the DFB and is now "chief of the German tournament organization" for the European championship in 2024 in their own country.

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