Danish Uno-X-riders get free to bet on the championships in 2021, but is instead more on the road in years.

The Norwegian cycling team Uno-X is set to amend its requirements for its Danish rail and landevejsryttere, after the OLYMPICS have moved from 2020 to 2021.

It was the plan, to Frederick Rodenberg Madsen and Julius Jones, who at the end of February amounted to half of the Danish team, who set several world records and won olympic gold in the 4000 metres holdforfølgelsesløb, having to bet on road cycling after the OLYMPICS.

Uno-X gives the danes allowed to bet on the championships in 2021, so that they can stand sharp for the OLYMPICS. It says sports director Jens Haugland to TV2 Sport.

– We want to meet the riders ‘ dreams, and our baneryttere will also have full support from us in 2021. We are proud to follow them on the journey and are in good dialogue with the Danish Cycling Union (DCU). We will do what we can in order to succeed, he says.

The message is also of joy at one of the Danish riders, who now have more time to run road races in the year than first planned.

– There is no doubt that I’ve chosen the right team, says Julius Johansen to TV2 Sport.

Niklas Larsen, who is struggling to come back after a broken ankle, is also connected to Uno-X. He has previously won a OLYMPIC medal and three WORLD championship medal in the championships, and he can also be a part of the banelandsholdet at the OLYMPICS next year.

It is not clear when the OLYMPICS are to be conducted in 2021, the last being in the summer.