There are two kinds of reasons: logical and illogical. The latter applies to a decision of the organizers of the Oscar ceremony. The Academy has decided early this week, the Netflix Comedy “Lionheart” by of the most prestigious awards in the movie Business to exclude.

The reason: in Nigeria, films containing too much English. Just twelve minutes will be spoken in the Comedy in the in the South-East of Nigeria, common language, Igbo. Because “Lionheart” had applied for the Oscar in the category “Best international Film”, is the language, according to the organisers is crucial. The provides associated with vertebrae.

Spicy is on the one hand, the fact that the Academy has renamed its category recently of the “Best foreign language Film” to “Best international Film”. Supposedly, therefore, to loosen the Dogma of the compelling language of something.

English is an official language in Nigeria

However, that only one of the two reasons why the disqualification of “Lionheart” in the case of journalists and the Internet community to arrive at all good. The other: English in Nigeria is one of the official language of the country. Because of the Kolonalisierung of Nigeria by the British in the 19th century. Century, English was long the only official language – until 2010, the Constitution of the country existed only in that language. It was only when Nigeria became independent in 1960, were introduced in other official languages.

That the Film was now rejected because of too much English, not many can understand. The Nigerian journalist, Ivie Ani, commented on the decision of the Oscar-organizer cynically: “colonizers love to punish the Colonized that they were colonized.”

“Lionheart”-Director disappointed

And Genevieve Nnaji, the Director of “Lionheart”, was their disappointment on Twitter run free. “This Film represents the way we speak as Nigerians. This includes English, which serves as a bridge between the over 500 languages that are spoken in our country. This makes us one Nigeria.”

The 92. Ceremony of the Oscars will take place on 9. February in Los Angeles.