Napoli is one of most obvious competitors of Juventus from Turin in their fight for the Scudetto. It’s easy to find out the latest football results of this team, as well as its rivals on the website of sports statistics.

Even despite the defeat from Juventus in a meeting in one of the starting rounds, Napoli is one of the most real pursuers of the Old Signora. Just look at the results of the team in recent years. It was almost always in 2nd place, although at times the gap with the Bianco Neri turned out to be large.

This summer, the Neapolitans did a good job in the transfer market. They were joined by:

  1. Ospina (who previously played with Napoli on loan).
  2. Fernando Llorente. This older Spaniard, already experienced in Serie A, joined the Neapolitans as a free agent.
  3. Manolas (one of the best defenders of Serie A, who previously played for their direct competitor – Roma).
  4. The most notorious and most expensive summer transfer from Napoli. The club paid more than 40 million euros for the Mexican striker from the Dutch team PSV, and he began to justify the investment from the very first matches.

If you look at the latest football results of the team, it becomes obvious that something was missing for several seasons in a row. It is possible that summer beginners will help to solve the existing problems. True, there is still an open question whether this will help the proteges of Carlo Ancelotti to challenge Juventus in the long run.

Most spectacular Serie A teams

Napoli always shows beautiful and attacking football, but the only problem is that it doesn’t always allow to achieve the desired result. That is why football performed by Neapolitans is often admired, but they won’t increase the number of trophies they won. The other Serie A teams simply cannot boast of such a cool selection of players in the attack.

During the summer, the Neapolitans acquired two more forwards, and firstly, this makes their composition deeper, and secondly, gives Ancelotti a variety of possibilities of choosing and searching for the best combinations. The other teams ofSerie A (with the exception of Juventus) simply don’t have such human potential.

So, Napoli is a club that is always interesting to watch, but so far it couldn’t become a real competitor for the Old Signora. However, given the concentration of Juventus in the Champions League, Ancelotti’s team finally has a chance to compete for gold medals in the domestic arena.