FOCUS Online gives Doctors and nurses the opportunity to report in their own words about their current work situation, your Fears and also about what makes them courage.

in Order to be the dynamics of the situation, we identify when a message has reached and how this time, the situation with the Coronavirus in the Region.

“It’s almost like a Sprinter who has warmed up and waiting for the starting gun”

Max G., 26 years old, a nurse from London. His Letter reached us on the 27.3.2020.

Corona location at this time: is 11,700 people infected as of this date in England, 578 died.

Max Gumpert

I would like to say to the people: “as for the current crisis, I am torn. On the one hand, I’m scared, a little in panic, and terribly concerned about the impact on society. On the other hand, I’m excited about the challenge. For this I was trained.”

How to do it for me at the moment: “I’m often asked how I cope with working in a large NHS (National Health Service) hospital to cope. Partly because I’m used to the Coronavirus Station. Usually I answer: ‘It is crazy at the Moment, a bit.’ The Strange thing is that I am actually more concerned, if I have a free day-to-‘m home and have time to Think.

in Front of a layer, I’m a knock last week with the heart and the cold sweat woke. If, however, I am at work, follow my regular layers of a very similar Routine. Washing, dressing, administer medication, Feeding, pain relief, soothe the families.

What I notice is that I need to get dressed more often with personal protective equipment (PPE), and that the burdens of the present Situation, due to the increased Stress of staff and patients is increasing significantly.”

changes in their daily work: “The previous changes in the workplace have been made in the preparations for the coming weeks noticeable.

There is a rotating work schedule for the respective Coronavirus-stations, so that no doctor or nurse has to spend his entire time on these stations.

employees who usually work in clinics or other outpatient areas, to be transferred to the stations, and in the next month, all to get nurses and medical students who are in their last year of training, a temporary qualification to work as full-time employees.

“Were warned that we will reach our borders,”

It is a strange time at the Moment. Half of the intensive care beds are already occupied with Covid 19 patients. All elective (not the imperative) operations were cancelled, and the post-surgical recovery stations will be converted into intensive care units and the staff retrained.

On the other stations we are not overloaded yet. The hospital management has, however, warned that we will encounter in the next few weeks at our borders.

It is almost like a Sprinter who has warmed up, the head and waiting for the starting gun.”

The biggest personal challenge: “It’s the fear that I might go with the Virus to work. I tell myself that I’m lucky to be fit and healthy, and that I will therefore probably not seriously ill, if I should infect.

But what happens if I give it to a vorerkrankten friend, colleagues, patients, or the parents more, before I show any symptoms?”

“as I write this, the people clapping from their Windows,”

This gives me courage: “My work was undoubtedly facilitated by the fact that all employees of the NHS get a lot of support.

While I this on 26. March 2020 20.00 writing, I listen to clap the whole neighborhood out of their Windows to show their appreciation. Honestly, I have a short break of Writing, to bow down to me for a moment in the garden. Something you don’t experience too often!”

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The biggest challenge is the issue of protective clothing – and that annoys me”

Dr. Karl-Franz Gruber-Gerardy, 65 years old, a General practitioner from Mainz. His Letter reached us on Sunday, 29.3.2020.

Corona location at this time: In the Federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate 2712 Corona reported Infected, 18 are deceased, 48 healed.

changes in the everyday work: “ of The entire Workflow in the practice has changed. All infectious patients, I am treating only outside in the garden in front of the practice.”

The biggest personal challenge: “The biggest challenge for me is the issue of protective clothing. And what annoys me is it because I’ve seen it before, nine weeks in advance, and our health Minister has always stressed that we are prepared to . This is not the case.”

My expectation of how the situation will develop: it is “It will be extremely…it is now pure mathematics.”

moments that make me courage: “There are also very empathic to patients who give us a mask or us a small Breakfast to bring. This moved me very much .”

I would like to say to the people: “Be in solidarity and not selfish in times of crisis!”

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