The impact of the Coronavirus in countless areas of daily life noticeable. Also in the field of transport. On the streets, so many cars to drive as usual, at the airports only a few of facilitated returnees arrive, the cruise ships waiting in the ports on their use. To what extent has the exact dangers the traffic is down, statistics show that the “mirror” has calculated.

On the Basis of tracking data from various providers for the areas of car transport, air transport, cruises and cargo ship traffic, current developments are calculated.

the Massive reduction in car traffic

on the basis of a one-hundred-percent traffic density on the 24. January 2020, so before the crisis, has calculated the “mirror” that of the 20. March in the Italian cities of Bergamo and Milan, only 17 percent left. It has been a massive reduction of car traffic. In Vienna there are compared to the 24. January 20. March only 43 percent have been. In the major German cities of Cologne (58 percent), Munich (62 percent), Hamburg (62 percent) and Berlin (64 percent) are the values still significantly higher.

This is probably due to the different scope of the measures and the progress of the Virus in the individual countries. The road transport is decreased in the large cities in this country rapidly, illustrated by leading a comparison of the “mirror”. The daily traffic density in the last two weeks with the seven days of the fourth calendar week (25. January to 31 December. January 2020) are compared. This is especially true in Munich. There it is recorded with a decrease to 22 percent (21. March), the biggest drop. In Berlin, it went back at least to 52 percent. For comparison: In Bergamo, it was last Saturday, ten per cent.

Also the General German automobile Club (ADAC) confirmed a reduction in car traffic in Germany and puts the focus on the German car. You are swept according to information from the ADAC as empty. The volume of traffic has dropped due to the output limitations of solid, said an ADAC spokesman for the German press Agency in Munich. In the last week, before the official output restrictions – registered to the traffic experts, a significant decline.

Significantly less traffic jams, more job sites

So were registered two weeks ago – and under largely normal circumstances – well 9400 jams with a total length of 14,500 kilometres and a waiting time of 4350 hours. In the past week, there were just under 4000 traffic jams with a total length of about 4900 kilometers, in which the car and Truck drivers about 1370 hours had to endure.

It was in the course of the week, a significant decrease. During the ADAC experts were on Monday and Tuesday 840, respectively, 995 jams, were on Friday – typically one of the jam’s richest days of the week – only 396.

according to the ADAC, however, the highway. In the current week, the roads are at the German remote 609 sites set up. In the previous week, there were still 582 construction sites.

fliers on the ground, cruise ships still

not only are the streets become empty. Also in the sky, it has become seemingly quiet. Compared with the twelfth calendar week in 2019, the number of flights has decreased in the comparable calendar week in 2020 by 31 percent. A decline has emerged in the weeks six to eleven – but not so drastically as in the last week.

to create difficult to the Corona power crisis in the cruise industry. Here, cruise ships headlines that were completely quarantined to the beginning of the crisis, because there were Infected people on Board. Your industry virtually came to a complete Halt. It was at the same time a year ago, 111 cruise ships (from 150 meters in length), which were on the road, it was at 22. March of this year, only 13. According to the “mirror”-calculations, there was, particularly from the 14. March massive inroads in this area.

container ships is reported in crisis, well-field

As the magazine, the Corona did not reach the crisis, however, the ship freight traffic, which is probably due to the fact that the ships from China will need six weeks to Hamburg. “So far, the differences to the previous year are not so blatantly”, says Bengt van Beuningen, a spokesman for the port of Hamburg, opposite the “mirror”. That could change still. Because the industry will be driven in China, but in the coming days, again, could, according to van, the expected failures Beunigen be collected, however, might be.

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