A new season began in the Spanish championship, and the starting La Liga results were a real surprise for many fans, because the main favorites began the draw not in the best way.

Among them is the Catalan Barcelona. In the starting rounds, Ernesto Valverde could not count on Lionel Messi, and this was immediately reflected on the results of the team. Draw games and even defeats in the matches against middling teams led to the fact that the Catalan club began to lag behind Atletico from the start of the tournament race. It is clear that the gap is still minimal, but the matches have shown that Barcelona is like two different teams with and without Messi.

At the same time, the newcomers have already started to play. Say, Antoine Griezmann managed to make effective moves.

In general, the Catalans managed to gain a good foothold in the standings, but now they have a clear bias towards the attack. Even though Neymar’s transfer failed, Ernesto Valverde’s choice in the front line is gorgeous. This should help the team improve its La Liga results, because the fans of the BlauGranas expect only the winning of the champion title from their team.


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Griezmann and De Jong, who replenished Barcelona’s roster this summer, firmly claimed a place on the field already in the first rounds. However, it is clear that the team still needs to find understanding and establish interaction. So far, the BlauGranas achieve results due to the individual actions of their leaders, but now we don’t see the famous combination football played by Barcelona. You can always learn the statistics of the club’s latest matches on 777score.

The fans can be partially satisfied only by the fact that the main rival of the Catalans – Real Madrid – also had far from the best start. Despite local failures, the return of Messi and an increase in the pace of the matches should have a positive effect on the results of the confrontations featuring the Catalans. Also, the strong points of the team include:

  1. A long bench that always allows for rotation.
  2. Great experience of performing at the highest level.
  3. The variety of tactical schemes that Ernesto Valverde uses.


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