The Porsche Taycan is in all respects a fascinating one: it is Not only the first electric sports cars of the Zuffenhausen-based company is fast (0-100 km/h in 2.8 s) and strong (up to 761 HP), but he also charges for today’s standards extremely quickly the batteries. With up to 270 kilowatts (kW) can be refueled in the Taycan at a fast-charging column, and fills its battery within a short period of time with electricity for several Hundred kilometers.

in the Future, other E to cars similar to load fast – even if there is no fast charging station is in the vicinity. The Israeli Start-up Chakratec of co-founder Nir mess has developed a purely mechanical intermediate storage for power: the Kinetic Power Booster, short KPB.

in the Short term, a lot of energy

“in the cistern on your Toilets,” explains the Zohan, “so similar to our KPB works.” Also, our domestic water connection never has enough pressure to flush the toilet clean through. Therefore, there is the cistern, runs with little pressure slowly, and then, if necessary, in the short term, a strong gush of water to make.

What is the cistern for the WC, are in Zohans “Power Booster”flywheels. You turn electrically driven in a vacuum and build up kinetic energy – with up to 18’000 U/min. In current systems, the Size of a shipping container, and about ten tons, ten of such flywheel-memory, each of the 3 kilowatt-hours (kWh) can save power.

E-Motor, Generator

is the momentum wheels, which rotate due to their low-friction support without power for four more days can save, so 30 kWh of electrical energy. Docks an electric car at the Station, it is switched for the momentum caring electric motor as a Generator and the power the car made.

in the Short term, the KPB can provide up to 100 kW of power. Adds a 50-kW power system, such as in the case of the pilot plant in Tel Aviv can charge the battery of an electric car with 150 kW. The kinetic energy of the wheels is used up, more invites you to the Stromer with the normal performance of the electricity network. By the middle of 2020 Chakratec wants to offer a large facility, save with 25 Centrifugal 75 kWh can provide power that can be delivered with up to 180 kW.

Only 1 cent per load of

advantage of the technology: While other mobile storage solutions, such as the large Lithium-ion batteries after 2000 load cycles have to be replaced and in the production of not environmental-friendly, will stand the flywheel energy storage 200’000 charges and discharges. The cost per charge will decrease as loud Chakratec from 15 to only 1 cent!

A hook, the KPB System: Not only the stations, the ratio need to have moderately a lot of space, but they also cost a lot of: 2000 to 3000 Swiss francs per kilowatt-hour. Normal batteries fail with only 300 francs per kWh. Interested parties are found, however: A test rig was taken at the Vienna international airport already in operation. And car-maker Skoda on soon a the power of memory in Prague – at the Start of the first E-cars Citigo-e.