The Women’s World Cup reached massive potential this year. The marketing for the tournament was excellent and it showed football fans just how interesting it can get. Even though the World Cup itself is not that old and the popularity is smaller than the men’s World Cup, there is no doubt that it has a bright future.

With that being said, we wanted to share some facts for the Women’s World Cup and inform the football fans on some topics.The next World Cup will be held in 2023. Nine countries have confirmed the bid as host countries so far, Argentina, Australia – New Zealand, Brazil, Colombia, Japan, South Africa, and South Korea – North Korea.Qualifying matches will start in 2021.


One interesting fact that stood out in the 2019 World Cup, is that many people decided to place numerous bets on the games. Online bookies have reported that the Women’s World Cup was one of the most betted tournaments recently. Nobody expected that so many people would be into betting on it.

Even though there are no open odds for the tournament in 2023, we can say for sure that the USA is the favorite to win it.Betting fans have said that betting on women’s matches is a bit more complicated due to different style of play. Luckily, you can get free betting tips from They have some vital information when it comes to favorites, matches, and best betting options.

Keep track of the online bookies because they will soon start their campaigns and offer various promotions, free bets, bonus codes, and much more. By using those promotions, you can maximize your profits and secure a winning slip. The following facts can also help when you are picking your favorite team to win a match or the World Cup. Let’s check them out.


The first inaugural Women’s World Cup was in 1991, but the tournament’s instance dates back to the 70s. The 70s and 80s were periods where many countries lifted the ban on women’s football and started organizing various international tournaments. IT is interesting to mention that the first international tournament in women’s football was held in 1971, but it was unofficial since FIFA did not sanction it.

Mexico was the host country and 6 teams were competing. Denmark won the tournament after they beat Mexico in the final. Since 1991, there were 7 official World Cups, one every 4 years. The last World Cup was this year, and currently, there are 2 more scheduled in 2023 and 2027.

Stadium Attendance

At first, you would think that there is a lot more fun watching various matches in the Premier League and discovering new players, but the Women’s World Cup is just as entertaining. The first World Cup was held in China. A total of 510,000 people watched the games, with an average of 18,300 per game. The highest recorded attendance was 65,000. Sweden was the host of the 1995 World Cup. During the Cup, a total of 112,000 people attended the games, with an average 4,300 per game.

The USA hosted the World Cup in 1999 and 2003. The World Cup in 1999 is the record-holder in the highest attendance section, over 90,000. During the two tournaments, a total of 2 million people watched the games. 2007 was China’s second year as a host country. The average attendance was pretty high, 55,000 per game, with a total of 1.2 million spectators throughout the whole tournament.

Germany and Canada had the same average attendance during the 2001 and 2015 World Cups, 26,000.Approximately 1 million spectators were noted on each of those two Cups. The 2019 World Cup in France had a total of 1.2 million people showing up in the stadiums. It is interesting to mention that the World Cups in Canada and France had the highest number of matches,52.


The USA is the undisputed champions in this section. They have won the World Cup 4 times, and their most recent one is this year’s World Cup in France. Germany has two trophies, Norway and Japan have 1.