In the Nidau-Büren canal was bitten this week, a float of a beaver in the back, writes the “Bieler Tagblatt”. This has also been confirmed Wilhüter Daniel Trachsel. The float was drifting against 22.30 clock in the middle of the river, when a shadow approached. The shadows disappeared again, but suddenly, the swimmer felt a sharp pain.

The incisors of the rodent drilled deep into the skin. Bleeding, the man went to the hospital centre of Biel. There he received a Tetanus shot and antibiotics against the potential risk of infection, which is a centimeter-deep wound had to be stitched.

Held the animal to the float for a beaver?

According to the “Bieler Tagblatt” is the only the third in Switzerland per registered beaver bite on a people – two in 2017 took place in June in Schaffhausen. “That a man of a beaver is bitten, occurred in the whole of the Canton of Bern before,” says Daniel Trachsel.

The game warden explained that a beaver attack, in principle, not people, therefore, he assumes that the beaver let go of the float, end float has not recognized as a people and his territory against a supposedly other beaver wanted to defend. Or there were young animals in the game that he wanted to protect. Trachsel, however, sees no indication that the animal was aggressive. “It is an unfortunate coincidence.”

at Night, not in the beaver area

beaver swim out at night and leave the building, usually only after sunset. Therefore, Trachsel advises to swim better at night not in the beaver-hunting grounds. If you are not doing it yet, you should swim instead of just float. And if you see a beaver, you should speak with him – because the animals can hear very well. So there is actually no reason to have fear.