St. Petersburg known radiologist Victor Parafilo 15 may on 72-m to year of life has died from complications of the disease COVID-19 caused by a coronavirus. On Friday, may 15, reported press service City clinical hospital № 31.

the hospital said that the doctor “took over the whole volume of the diagnostic tests coming to the hospital of patients with suspected novel coronavirus infection and, until recently, accurately revealed minimal pathology than is actually saved the lives of patients and their failed”.

After Parafilo himself was diagnosed, he was hospitalized in city hospital № 2, where the last days was connected to the ventilator. Unfortunately, the disease didn’t leave the medic the chances of recovery.

“we have Lost not only high professional, but very good, a dedicated hospital staff person,” — said the chief doctor of the 31st hospital Anatoly Ryvkin in conversation with the publication of “Dr. Peter”.

Graduate military health faculty of the Gorky medical Institute and Department Executive development Military health Academy. S. M. Kirov, he is 22 years gave service in the Armed forces and after retirement with the rank of Colonel of medical service for 25 years he worked as head of the radiotherapy Department of the City clinical hospital No. 31.