Acting Minister of energy of Ukraine Olga Bukovec received a letter from the Director of the European energy community Secretariat Janez kopacz, who criticized the actions of the government in Kiev in the energy sector.

About it on may 23, according to journalist and political expert Yury Butusov.

The expert stressed that it is “supermandolini letter” that can be called figurative “magic pendel Cabinet from the European Union”. According to him, the document exposes the chaos of the energy policy of the government of Ukraine.

Also Butusov notes that, formally, Ukraine is currently making every effort to join the European energiasaastu — so the tone kopacz, and not diplomatic, and legislative.

“In contrast to European diplomats… energy is expressed very clearly and specifically about Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers and his actions. Kopacz demands to stop discrimination of the state energy companies, and above all, stop by “Energoatom” (the operator of Ukrainian NPPs) to subsidize private power company… he Also demanded to provide real competition in the market, explaining in detail how. European energiasaastu requires the Cabinet to immediately consider its recommendations in accordance with the agreements,” — said the analyst.

A number of Ukrainian media as of the day on may 23, has already published published a copy of the document.

Comments from the government or the Ministry of energy at the moment, no.

IA REGNUM reminds that from the end of April in the energy sector of Ukraine is raging scandal that the government forcibly stops the units to buy more expensive and private “green” energy. In the Ministry explained that the maneuvers around the plant are exclusively associated with planned repairs on the units and a decrease in total electricity consumption due to a quarantine.