Cummings, who led the campaign of 2016 at the exit of Britain from the European Union, went to Durham at the end of March, when there was a lockdown, reported The Guardian. The Cummings, who had contact with people infected with coronavirus Johnson, has been strictly advised to stay home. Sam Cummings, said the BBC, citing an unnamed source, said that he had traveled to Durham during isolation, as needed help of their parents for child care while he was sick. Although in March the British authorities said that citizens should stay home and refrain from visiting family members, if they don’t need food and medicines.

the leader of the Scottish national party in the House of Commons Ian Blackford said that Johnson needs to fire Cummings. “Dominic Cummings had to do the right thing, he had to resign, but now that he did not, Boris Johnson needs to show leadership, and he must immediately remove him from office,” said a prominent Scottish politician, adding that Cummings has created the impression that “there is one rule for the powerful and another for ordinary people.” In the labour party said that if the message about the visit of the officials is accurate, he appears to be grossly violated the rules of isolation. “The British don’t think they will have one rule, and Dominic Cummings – another. Downing street, 10, should give a very quick explanation of his actions,” said the labour MP. The liberal Democrats said that if Cummings breaks the rules, he should resign.

Note that the British media criticized Johnson, who for almost a month, was treated from the early stages and have not mastered the work of the Cabinet of Ministers of the country, that it violates the quarantine regulations. In particular, in early may, the British Prime Minister boasted that, visiting the hospital, where patients COVID-19, “to shake hands with everyone”. Meanwhile, on March 3, the national health service ordered the British to abandon the hugs and handshakes during a pandemic, not to facilitate the spread of the virus.

In this regard, the opposition accuses Downing street of double standards – one “for the elite”, the other for ordinary citizens and foreigners: for example, on Friday, the head of the British interior Ministry has announced that from 8 June, almost all persons entering the country must go on 14-day quarantine. Against this decision has made many British business Association. The opposition and many Britons are unhappy that the government is tightening quarantine measures, but in practice individual members of the Cabinet of Ministers violate them. Cummings did not respond to requests by Reuters for comment. The representative of the PRaviella countries also refused to answer journalists ‘ questions.