The Danish champions FCK have sent the majority of the employees home while coronakrisen raging.

As one of the last clubs in the premier League choose FC København also to send the majority of the club’s employees home with the support of the government’s trepartsordning.

It writes the club on its website Sunday afternoon.

The case of the majority of the employees in the Park and FCK, which now sets the work and stays at home with full pay, until the crisis with coronavirusset is over.

“It is common sense for us to repatriate a part of the administration and staff in this period, where we don’t have the events we normally have,” says Katja Moesgaard, COO of FCK to

The employees will get full pay while they are repatriated, since I am from one of the government’s stimulus packages are being compensated financially for the salary.

the Majority of the sporting sector also sent home, but spillertruppen and some get in the sporting department as well as the leadership and a few administrative staff will continue meeting at work.

In an opinion from FCK-manager Stale Solbakken and technical director Johan Lange says:

“We have chosen to repatriate the majority of the employees in the athletic department, while we have assessed that it is best that the players and part of the staff around the first team and FCK Talent to continue their work.”

“It happens, of course, taking into account the public health instructions, with the limitations that entails.”

3F the League is postponed for an indefinite time, while the health authorities are trying to get reclaimed the corona virus, which has left large parts of Denmark in the stand and continue to put pressure on the hospitals.