The ripple effect of coronavirus throughout the gaming industry 

Coronavirus was first discovered by a 34-year-old ophthalmologist in Wuhan, who operated on a patient who was affected with the coronavirus. Unfortunately, this specialist had died due to the infection, and he became a hero who was the first to highlight the epidemic coronavirus.

The effect of the Wuhan coronavirus in Hebei Province continues to increase as many gaming companies declare interruptions and delays. The epidemic has disrupted life in China as daily activities in public spaces and workplaces are set aside while officials try to contain the virus. With much of the tech industry, including online video games, relying on China for production and materials, a ripple wave consequence is being felt. 

As we know, the online video game is a close proximity area where games play in with the workstation set next to each other, and it is easier to catch the coronavirus if one does not put on precaution like wearing a makes to prevent droplets from infected people coughing and touching your eyes.

Switch console deliveries will be delayed because of the coronavirus, says Nintendo

Nintendo said production and deliveries of some of its online video games, including its flagship Switch console, will be postponed because of the outbreak of the new coronavirus.

Other products, including the Joy-Con controller and “Ring Fit Adventure,” will be affected. In the online video game industry. Analysts said delays could become an issue in other markets too, including the U.S. and other parts of the world. 

Now Wuhan is like a ghost town; people are avoiding crowded areas and prefer to stay at home. Doctors are working round the clock to treat patients with coronavirus. Some of them don’t even have time to pee and wear pampas while sleeping on the floor. There is a shortage of medical personal, and that is why it had gravely affected the online video games industry, besides impacting other economic activities. 

Tourists are stopped from traveling to other parts of the world with limited access to bring their citizens home. People in Wuhan no longer come out and do the things they used to do, and this has affected the online video game activity in the Hubei province.. Some deaths have been reported, while those who were affected have been cured as well.

Conclusion on How Coronavirus have affected the Online Video Game Industry.

To sum up, the whole world is affected by some deaths report in some countries. But the good news is that the strain has been identified, and medical doctors in the U.K. are testing the vaccine on rats before releasing them for public use. This epidemic will take a toll on the economy of China, but the country is resilient and will recover quickly, and there is a complete shut down in most parts of China. Many industries, especially the online video game, will undoubtedly be affected.