The pure contrast to the normal life in Cuba. Vilma Rodriguez, the granddaughter of Cuba’s Ex-President Raúl Castro, rents in Havana, is a luxurious holiday home for 660 francs per night.

So she makes the big money, while the inhabitants of the island live on the existence minimum. On average, the twelve million residents in the month of life, namely of just under 30 francs.

The Cuban luxury house “Casa Vida”

On the rental platform “Airbnb” describes Rodriguez the house “Casa Vida,” as dream house, in the elegance, Design and Tradition meet. The Villa offers space for up to ten guests. It has four bedrooms, a swimming Pool and a terrace.

the future of The luxury source of revenue from Rodriguez, however, is uncertain. Because the last triangles of the Situation between the USA and Cuba worsened, could lose the Castro-granddaughter of a large potential customer base.

the United States wants to introduce new restrictions

U.S. government officials have announced on Wednesday new restrictions. Of money transfers affected after Cuba. Thus, the government wants to set new limits for Cuban families living in the United States and their Relatives in Cuba and transfer money.

Also do not want to restrict US, such trips serve as family visits. With these measures, the US government wants to take away the Cuban Regime, the American dollar, said John Bolton, the national security adviser to Trump. According to estimates, private money transfers are one of the most important sources of income of Cuba. (frk)